Israeli Elections: Can Anyone Stop Netanyahu?

Israelis will go to the polls on November 1, 2022, for the fifth time in less than four years. The country has been in a state of political gridlock since 2019, with no party able to form a stable government. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, is seeking to extend his 12-year rule, but he faces a strong challenge from a new coalition of parties led by former Prime Minister Yair Lapid..

Netanyahu is a polarizing figure, both in Israel and internationally. His supporters praise him as a strong leader who has kept Israel safe, while his detractors accuse him of corruption and dividing the country. Lapid, a former journalist and television host, is seen as a more moderate and conciliatory figure. He has pledged to form a government that will unite all Israelis, regardless of their political or religious beliefs..

The election campaign has been dominated by issues such as the cost of living, the conflict with the Palestinians, and the future of Israeli democracy. Netanyahu has promised to lower taxes and reduce regulation, while Lapid has pledged to invest in education and healthcare. Netanyahu has also promised to take a tough line on the Palestinians, while Lapid has said that he is open to negotiations..

The outcome of the election is uncertain. Netanyahu’s Likud party is likely to win the most seats in the Knesset, but it is not clear if he will be able to form a coalition government. Lapid’s Yesh Atid party is likely to come in second, and it is possible that he could form a government with the support of other centrist and left-wing parties..

The election will have a significant impact on Israel’s future. If Netanyahu wins, he will likely continue to pursue his policies of expanding settlements in the West Bank and cracking down on dissent. If Lapid wins, he may be able to form a more moderate government that will seek to negotiate a peace settlement with the Palestinians and improve relations with Israel’s neighbors..

The election is also being closely watched by the international community. The United States has traditionally been Israel’s closest ally, but the relationship has become strained under Netanyahu’s leadership. The Biden administration has expressed hope that a new government in Israel will be more open to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict..

The Israeli election is a critical moment for the country. The outcome will shape Israel’s future for years to come..

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