In 2022, fashion more than ever influenced by social networks and TV series

In 2022, fashion more than ever influenced by social networks and TV series


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Fictional characters have proved to be the most influential influencers this year, dictating all our fashion desires. Although, no longer than two or three years ago the world’s most renowned designers were the only ones – or almost the only ones – to dictate their fashion rules, today social networks have stolen the spotlight. Social networks have the power to start new trends, to make them or break them in a snap. The proof is that Emily Cooper, Barbie, Edwina Sharma and Lady Diana have been more influential than Kim Kardashian

“Although big brands still have a strong influence on street trends (…), pop culture, social and cultural movements as well as networks like TikTok continue to leave their mark on fashion and, consequently on online shopping,” says Ilenia Sarman, vice president of brand marketing and customer experience at Stylight, which just unveiled its ‘Fashion Recap 2022’.

As a result, fashion inspirations are no longer defined by words – with a few exceptions – but by hashtags, and are now counted in millions of views. And this will still be the case next year, to the point of seeing not trends but micro-trends rising to popularity and leaving even faster.

Grannies and Barbie  

After the return of crochet, cardigans and scarves in 2021, we thought our grandmothers’ wardrobe had been (re)forgotten. But it appears the nostalgia was too strong, encouraging a return in time and a revival of interest for basic clothes. This almost insolent simplicity that we call ‘effortless chic’ has given birth this spring to the ‘Coastal Grandmother’ trend, which has been widely acclaimed on social networks by the younger generations. A few weeks before the end of the year, the results are indisputable: nearly 260 million views for this ‘chic granny of the Hamptons’ inspired look.

But gradually, the granny style has been stolen by a much more powerful heroine. Pop culture icon and the most famous doll on the planet, Barbie has clearly put her mark on our wardrobes. This is not unrelated to the release of the movie of the same name, starring Margot Robbie, whose trailers seem to have unleashed a passion for the character. And we will be seeing a lot more Barbie related trends seeing as the film will hit the cinemas in July 2023.

Stranger to the emergence of this trend, Valentino

Emily in Paris, The Bridgerton Chronicle

From 2021, TV series became the new fashion influencers, even more than Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber or Bella Hadid

Since the end of 2020, the series The Bridgerton Chronicle has also put its mark on fashion. An astonishing observation considering the period costumes worn by the main characters. It goes without saying that dresses and imposing wigs, feathers and other frills have little place in the office, nor in the subway, but this has not prevented social network users to be seduced by the long gloves, and even more by the corset. A piece that was thought to have fallen into disuse, but which was announced at the end of 2021 as one of the star creations of 2022. The historical romance can boast of having influenced many celebrities, who have made the corset the must-have piece of the Met Gala, but also fashion designers.

With a peak reached last January, the demand for corsets is tending to fade in favor of a piece straight out of the men’s wardrobe, the suit vest, whose search interest has jumped by +165% in recent months. However, the series The Crown, whose fifth season was released on November 9, could also mark the trends of the coming year, with pieces now considered historic, like the iconic Lady Diana’s iconic revenge dress. A dress that the queen of hearts wore in 1994 in response to the televised revelations made by Prince Charles on his infidelity.

An ode to Y2K

This 2022 trend roundup cannot close without talking about the unprecedented craze for the 2000s. This has resulted in the return of some key trends and details, including the parachute pants, cargo pants, butterfly pattern, and of course the low rise. A remnant of those carefree – and tasteless – years, the low-rise pant has been a hit all year long, but it’s likely to be overshadowed by long denim skirts, which have been gaining interest for months.

Other trends we must mention are the cut-out, very popular in 2022, which should find echo in transparent clothes in 2023, as predicted by Stylight, while platform shoes should soon give way to ballerinas, a must-have that is already unanimous on social networks and among stars.


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