Kings of Indigo denim brand taken over by entrepreneurial couple

Kings of Indigo denim brand taken over by entrepreneurial couple

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Kathrin et Sebastian Proft taking over Kings of Indigo. – Kings of Indigo

Kathrin and Sebastian Proft are no strangers to company takeovers. The entrepreneurial couple started with the takeover of the Bavarian retail fashion company Dollinger, followed by the Stapf brand after insolvency proceedings in 2017, and finally Feli & Hans (formerly H.Moser
A Dutch limited liability company was registered on December 21, 2022 “to rebuild the business”, it said in a statement.

Much of the original team will remain in place, while Sebastian Proft will lead the sales and finance area. The company’s headquarters will remain in Amsterdam.

Mariska Stolwijk, who previously headed the product team, will now take up the position of managing director of Kings of Indigo.

B2B orders can now be placed again. Sebastian Proft is confident that the spring-summer 2023 collection will be produced and delivered on time. 

The company has already announced its upcoming participation in SeekModefabriek

Kings of Indigo was founded in 2011 by Tony Tonnaer, Frank van Santen and Guido Mathijssen. From the start, the brand has opted for a sustainable approach and developed a denim offering that is more environmentally friendly. 
For a time, the investment company Varova

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