H&M enlists Zlatan Ibrahimovic to promote its sports line

H&M enlists Zlatan Ibrahimovic to promote its sports line

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Launched on August 4, the H&M

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A first major campaign will be launched in spring 2023, but a video with a playful tone was released on October 19 to announce the partnership. It shows the AC Milan player working out in a H&M Move outfit, coached via video by actress Jane Fonda

“I often felt like I was judged or excluded growing up. Boys and girls who grew up like me should have the same opportunities to develop their potential as the greatest athletes. That’s what H&M Move is all about. I strongly believe in the brand’s mission to give everyone the opportunity to excercice. Because excercice has changed my life 100%,” says the 41-year-old footballer, who is the top scorer in the history of the Swedish national team.

The clothing group also announced the appointment of Diana Amini as director of the H&M Move Community Program, which will aim to promote sports for all, especially for people and communities that face barriers in this area.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is no stranger to the world of fashion, as he once piloted his own co-ed sports brand, between 2016 and 2018. Named A-Z, it had been created in partnership with the Norwegian group Varner. He has also collaborated with other labels, including recently Dsquared2.

The video featuring Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Jane Fonda introduces the partnership

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