Bestseller says innovative fibre is now in Jack & Jones stores

Bestseller says innovative fibre is now in Jack & Jones stores

Claiming to be a breakthrough in textile innovation, a two-year collaboration between Danish fashion group Bestsellermaterial innovation company Spinnova has led to the launch of a statement pair of trousers.

Bestseller brand Jack & Jones X Spinnova trouser

Billed as an entirely new away of creating textile fibre “inspired by nature and spiderwebs”, Bestseller’s menswear brand Jack & Jones

Spinnova’s new fibre is created from wood without any harmful chemicals used in the process so the technology “guarantees close to zero water use and minimal CO2 emissions while at the same time ensuring the touch and feel of natural fibres”.

The trousers are made of 20% Spinnova fibre and 50% organic cotton. The remaining 30% is sourced through Better Cotton’s mass balance system.

The partnership was initiated through Besteller Innovation that acts as a catalyst for collaborations consisting of pilot projects, workshops, case studies “to accelerate change”.

“At Jack & Jones we push ourselves to innovate and explore processes and materials with a lower impact on the environment. In Spinnova we found a strong partner to step up,” explains Elena Osenbrüg, Jack & Jones’ Sustainability Responsible.

“After visiting their mill in Finland, seeing how pristine the fibre production is, and after close work with our buying team to create a statement piece, I’m excited to see the first Jack & Jones product made with Spinnova fibre on market.”

Post-launch, Spinnova is now working towards commercial scale-up its global production to one million tonnes of sustainable fibres annually within the next 10-12 years through a number of brand owners committed to long-term collaboration. 

“Seeing an innovation reach a commercial level in Bestseller – and with our brand Jack & Jones – is simply amazing each and every time. That’s exactly what we strive for and are working hard to achieve,” says Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen, Bestseller’s Innovation Manager.

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