Mango in art-linked metaverse deep dive

Mango in art-linked metaverse deep dive



It said that “with culture as one of its brand values”, it’s entering the NFT market by launching three unique artworks co-created with crypto artist Farkas. 

The three pieces are currently being exhibited within the Museum District of Decentraland, as part of the first edition of Metaverse Fashion Week. 

Along with the Argentine-Hungarian artist, Mango is showing the pieces Mango Metagirl, Mango Ad Astra and Hanna in the Clouds for a month. 

The artworks are inspired by some of its garments (the Lupi, Cinema and Mónica models, respectively) and “aim to project the metaverse into the future and the artist’s own vision”. 

Mango has its own area in the Museum District of Decentraland at the coordinates 13.82. It’s an open, circular space with columns, that allow the three framed artworks to be displayed. 

As well as the artworks, Mango is also launching its first three wearables for Metaverse Fashion Week. The first one, in which Farkas also collaborated, will be a virtual reproduction of the Lupi dress. The NFT won’t be on sale, but it “will become part of the company’s historical catalogue”. 

The group will also create two T-shirt NFTs (one menswear, one womenswear) to commemorate the first edition of the fashion week

The company said all this represents a step further in strengthening the ecosystem of channels and partners on which Mango’s business model is based. It also reaffirms the company’s commitment to digital innovation and exploring new customer channels”.

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