Otrura, the complicatedly simple brand that combines traditional and digital craftsmanship

Otrura, the complicatedly simple brand that combines traditional and digital craftsmanship

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Sergio de Lázaro, who previously worked at Hermès, and Verónica Abián, a branding consultant, shared a common drive: to create something “that would add value” to the fashion world. That desire took the form of Otrura, a firm that offers clothing and footwear and is committed to combining traditional and digital craftsmanship.

Photograph from Otrura’s latest fashion show – Otrura

“We wanted to create a contemporary fashion house that brings together trades and workshops, offering pieces that inspire and allow people to reconcile with sewing, carpentry or jewelry,” said Sergio de Lázaro, creative director of the brand, to FashionNetwork.com

Otrura came to fruition in 2018 with a collection of men’s footwear manufactured in Italy (where the company did not encounter the obstacle of minimum volume orders). In 2021 it launched its women’s footwear made in Alicante and, meanwhile, presented a clothing line made in Ciudad Real, which was awarded the prize for best collection at MBFW Madrid in April 2021.

Three values are interwoven in Otrura’s philosophy. First, its concept of social sustainability, as De Lázaro explained: “We believe in crafts and their transmission, but also in a sustainable and appropriate approach in terms of delivery times and processing time.”

Culture in its broadest sense is the firm’s second pillar. “Fashion must speak of social issues, translate them and transform them into a message that everyone can embrace,” De Lázaro continued. Lastly, the brand is strongly committed to research and development. “We seek research into materials, patterns and new technologies, finding out how they can nourish our crafts and vice versa. We are all about complicatedly simple garments,” added the creative director.

International catwalks and distribution

Otrura’s showroom in Madrid’s Justicia

“It’s more than a priority, it’s strategic. We are open to new opportunities with the objective of operating in three or four key retailers outside Spain,” he pointed out.

Otrura eyes international catwalks such as that of Copenhagen – Otrura

Otrura is still waiting to confirm its presence in the next edition of MBFW Madrid, but has its sights set on international catwalks such as that of Copenhagen, “which is strongly committed to sustainability and has a B2C approach that is of interest to us.”

As far as sustainability is concerned, and in addition to its social contribution, the company has its own standpoint. “We must speak of the longevity of fabrics and the option of repairing them. Sustainability is not just about conscious purchasing, but also about conscious tailoring and conscious use of materials. We rarely use mixed yarns, but 100% silk instead of viscose, tencel from recycled fibers and recycled cotton,” explained De Lázaro. 

In its research processes, the brand experiments with materials such as recycled PLA and other raw materials such as sawdust or orange peel to produce fabrics that are biodegradable, as well as “versatile, useful and wearable for everyday use”.

Otrura’s future challenges include, in addition to taking part in international fashion shows and expanding its distribution network, its entry into the leather goods category. “We are just waiting to find the right workshop,” said the creative director.

Otrura’s first 3D jewelry collection, which was presented at the last edition of Madrid es Moda, will be released in the spring. The collection is composed of 3D crafted and printed pieces with handmade post-production.

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