Perfect Frame founders launch fashion brand Perfect Frame Aesthetics

Perfect Frame founders launch fashion brand Perfect Frame Aesthetics

In 2017, Jonathan Paul and his husband Dimitri Rojas, opened their cosmetic studio dedicated to microblading, Perfect Frame

Perfect Frame Aesthetics new drop – Jason Landis

“Launching our Perfect Frame Aesthetics brand is a return to my origins,” said Paul. “As a teenager, I already imagined my own collection of T-shirts, printed with Virgin Mary everywhere, and which I sold at different events. It was a learning process. I was not a fashion designer but it was on my mind. During confinement, we started to apply that brand identity to fashion and started to explore new fields of creativity. Perfect Frame Aesthetics was born.”
Thanks to their success with microblading, the duo can now invest in their first collection. “Jonathan’s imagination is endless”, adds Rojas. “I take what he imagines and refine it into a specific direction. Last year, we have been able to present our first collection focused on silhouettes and on an effortless spirit.”

Jonathan Paul and Dimitri Rojas, founders of Perfect Frame Aesthetics – Jason Landis

For their first drop ‘The Perfect Fit’, Paul and Rojas pair tank top with baggy shorts and “cropped” pants.

“Something simple at first sight, but thought in a more luxury and sportswear direction, and combined with a color palette that elevates the look”, explained Paul.

“Also, the choice of materials was important,” added Rojas. “We decided to use spandex, which is traditionally used for swimming, to make people feel sexy, comfortable and confident.”
Noted for their collaboration with drag queen Naomi Small

“We are coming with 10 new styles, created with spandex fabric and we are introducing new colors”, said Paul. “SPF22 is a unique collection that dives into the counterculture of summer, featuring versatile pieces that transition effortlessly from pool to dance floor.”

Perfect Frame Aesthetics new collection – Jason Landis

In the collection, queer and nightlife communities can find a tricot spandex ribbed swim singlet and thong, a tube top with attached sleeves, a version of a swim mask and also classic gloves, shorts and briefs, all available in black, blue, slate gray, blue pewter and taupe colors.
“Our collection is primarily aimed at the queer and nightlife community but not only,” concluded Paul. “Some pieces can be the new classic of the wardrobe and we are also focusing on working with artists and new collaborations.”
Made in Los Angeles, Perfect Frame Aesthetics is sold exclusively via its e-shop.

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