Maroc in Mode textiles trade show ready for 20th edition in Casablanca

Maroc in Mode textiles trade show ready for 20th edition in Casablanca

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Nicola Mira

Many European labels and buyers are keen to source their products closer to the regions where they are commercialised, providing new opportunities for the Moroccan textile industry. Opportunities which several local players intend to exploit by also adopting a more sustainable approach. As a result, the Maroc in Mode (MIM) trade show has decided to label its 20th edition, scheduled in Casablanca on May 10-12, with the designation Dayem, which means ‘sustainable’ in Arabic.

MIM is back in Casablanca with a new decor for its 20th edition – MIM

Some one hundred exhibitors are expected to attend this edition, which is organised by Amith (the Moroccan association of textile and apparel producers), mostly Moroccan textile manufacturers and garment makers. There will also be a special section dedicated to Mediterranean basin subcontractors, with exhibitors from Turkey and Egypt presenting their knitwear solutions. MIM will also shine a spotlight on textile machinery innovation, and showcase the latest collections by Moroccan fashion brands and home linen specialists.

Amith has also planned a series of conferences that will take place during the show. On May 10, the morning will be devoted to an analysis of the impact of investment on sustainable employment in the Moroccan textile and apparel industry. On May 11 at 11 a.m., the focus will be on how to implement sustainable sourcing practices in the global textile and apparel industry, while the 3 p.m. conference will aim to give a better understanding of the latest trends and sourcing strategies adopted by French labels and retailers with an international dimension. Finally, on Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m., a round-table debate entitled ‘Circularity, from Plans to Action’ is designed to provide insights on how to gradually introduce elements of circularity in the industrial process.

According to the organisers, MIM’s 19th edition, which was held on December 14-16 2022 in Tangier, attracted approximately 2,000 visitors.

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