PrimaLoft launches insulating material derived from plastic waste collected near coastlines

PrimaLoft launches insulating material derived from plastic waste collected near coastlines

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Nicola Mira

PrimaLoft has announced the market launch of a new generation of insulating material, with Helly Hansen

Two Helly Hansen and Isbjörn of Sweden products incorporating the new insulating material – Primaloft

The new “high performance” insulating material is entirely made of post-consumer recycled waste. Specifically, 60% of the recycled material is derived from plastic bottles collected within a 50 km radius of coastal areas. A significant detail, because it addresses an issue related to marine plastic waste.

“The quality of plastic quickly degrades once it’s exposed to the elements in ocean water, making it unusable for most recycling efforts,” said Tara Maurer-Mackay, PrimaLoft’s senior vice-president product strategy. “By capturing plastic waste before it can reach the ocean, we’re able to use the material to create products that offer our brand partners and consumers the best mix of performance and versatility, with a reduced environmental impact,” she added.

As is the case with every new generation of products introduced by leading performance fabric suppliers, PrimaLoft is launching its new insulating material in collaboration with two established brands, Norwegian outdoor apparel specialist Helly Hansen and childrenswear brand Isbjörn of Sweden. Helly Hansen has not yet given details about the prices of the products concerned, while a jumpsuit or jacket by Isbjörn of Sweden will cost approximately €180. 


PrimaLoft changed ownership last year. The forty-year-old company was acquired by U.S. group Compass Diversified, also known as Codi. In fiscal 2022, Codi reported net sales worth $2.3 billion, up 6%. In the same year, PrimaLoft instead suffered losses for $17.7 million. 


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