French lingerie brand Etam enters US market

French lingerie brand Etam enters US market

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Lingerie brand EtamNordstrom

Spring/Summer 2022 collection – Etam

Etam has opened 10 concessions at Nordstrom branches in, among other cities, New York, Washington, Seattle, San Francisco and Miami. Enough to test local consumer demand in different parts of the country. Etam products are also available on the Nordstrom e-shop, and on Etam’s US e-shop.

To mark its US launch, Etam has launched a marketing operation in New York, featuring a van decked out in Etam colours that will travel around the city from March 30 to April 3, distributing flower bouquets and shopping vouchers.

“We are very proud to be establishing our brand on this continent, in what is a key strategic turning point for the group,” said Laurent Milchior

A van will be used to introduce Etam to New York ladies – Capture écran/site web Etam

The Etam group, which also owns UndizLivyVictoria’s Secret, now faltering slightly, some of whose market share Etam is aiming to grab. 

Etam was one of the Fashion Pact’s signatories in 2020, and is also keen to highlight its sustainability efforts. Just over half of its products are currently made with sustainable materials (either bio or recycled), and the goal is for this part of Etam’s range to reach an 80% share by 2025.

Etam operates 860 monobrand stores in more than 50 countries. Its CEO Patricia Tranvouëz

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