Victoria’s Secret iconic fashion show returns

Victoria’s Secret iconic fashion show returns

Victoria’s Secret announced on Wednesday the return of its iconic fashion show in a new format and with a new cast of models. 

Victoria’s Secret iconic fashion show returns. – Victoria’s Secret

Dubbed ‘The Victoria’s Secret World Tour’, the reimagined show debuts in a video format and will take audiences on a journey through the behind-the-scenes craft and intimate stories of emerging global trailblazers. 

In particular, a group of 20 innovative global creatives, named the ‘VS20’, will have the chance to conceive four fashion curations with the creative freedom to conceptualize, produce and stage a collection, alongside custom Victoria’s Secret designs.

The reimagined show will be streamed internationally and culminate in a live fashion event this fall.

“This film is the ultimate expression of the Victoria’s Secret brand transformation. It will be driven by fashion, glamour and entertainment with a nod to beloved iconography from the past but in a bold, redefined way,” said Raúl Martinez, EVP and head creative director at Victoria’s Secret & Co.

“We are so honored to offer our platform and have it explored through the lens and artistry of global creatives who celebrate the individuality of women’s stories and perspectives.”

Global creatives including fashion designer, Melissa Valdes; filmmaker, Cristina Sánchez Salamanca; painter, Lorena Torres; dancer and choreographer, Piscis; and musician Goyo will conceive from the vibrant city of Bogota. 

Meanwhile, fashion designer, Bubu Ogisi; filmmaker, Korty; artist, Eloghosa Osunde and Ashley Okoli; and multifaceted creative, Wavy The Creator, will create from Lagos. Completing the line up are a slew of creatives from London and Tokyo including fashion designer, Jenny Fax, and filmmaker Umi Ishihara, among others. 

“We are excited to introduce a completely reimagined version of the fashion show, while bringing back the very best of entertainment and fashion our customers have been asking for. We’re celebrating the iconic heritage of the brand through a new generation of artists, and we can’t wait to amplify their vision through our worldwide platform,” added Chris Rupp, chief customer officer at Victoria’s Secret & Co.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show first aired in 1995, but was canceled in 2019 after increasing criticism for its lack of diversity and inclusion. 

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