Hailey Bieber Doubled Down on the No-Pants Look in NYC

Hailey Bieber just wore her second pantsless look of the month.

Rocking her new, even shorter bob haircut, the model was recently spotted walking around New York City wearing an oversized leather jacket and black V-neck sweater over a longer black top, completing the look with a pair of sheer black stockings, white crew socks, black loafers, and her go-to shoulder bag. 

Despite the weather in NYC capping off at 41 degrees on January 27, Bieber skipped the pants step when she got dressed. Of course, she didn’t forget to bundle up in other ways, opting to wear a white T-shirt underneath all three top layers.


The socks-and-loafers look is clearly becoming a favorite for Bieber, who has always been a fan of barely there hemlines. On January 22, the Rhode Skin founder wore the footwear combo with a beige sweater, a long black coat, and a version of the Miu Miu micro-miniskirt that Nicole Kidman “begged” to wear on the cover of Vanity Fair in February 2022. 


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