Jennifer Lopez Affleck Is Head-to-Toe Cheetah-licious

Hey, you know what, I like this outfit! Jennifer Lopez stepped out in New York City to promote any number of her approximately 5 million hustles (Delola? Sure. A Netflix movie? Why not!) on Live With Kelly and Mark in an all-cheetah ensemble that’s honestly giving me meow-meow vibes.

J.Lo goes jungle.

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin

Her bedazzled cheetah-print leggings (tights?) are tucked straight into her cheetah-print pointy-toe heels, giving the impression of a singular garment. Her top and skirt are clearly from the same line, as they match perfectly, but are definitely two separate pieces, because the shirt is beaded and the skirt isn’t. I spent a lot of time looking at J.Lo’s zoomed-in midsection. For science. The top, which has beaded and/or sequined accents, includes maroon feathers on the sleeves, implying that this cheetah has recently devoured a big bird. Good for her!


James Devaney

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