Mary-Kate Olsen Aces Another High-Low Look With Affordable Sneakers

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Yesterday Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted in her signature languid layers in New York City. The cofounder of The Row walked out—no, floated out—on the sidewalk wearing a long black impeccably tailored coat that artfully skimmed her ankles. A burnt orange knit cardigan, which was coolly tucked into a pair of silk black harem pants, was visible underneath the outerwear. Olsen opted for a rounded mahogany croc-embossed bag by The Row and a mammoth Keep cup filled with water. She finished the look with a black scarf and a layer of necklaces–including one crafted from wooden beads and a hulking gold medallion–all of which harkened back to her boho-chic days in the 2000s.

While the look was certainly a bohemian piece of high-priced art, Olsen balanced it out with laid-back footwear: the Adidas Sambarose. The now defunct shoe resembles the classic Adidas Sambas with the plain upper and tri-stripe on the side but has a thicker, platform sole. The shoes are under $100 dollars, but they can be found only via third-party retailers. For a similar fix, the classic Adidas Sambas go for around $70–an easy route to getting MK’s luxe look.

Adidas Samba Classic Sneakers


This isn’t Olsen’s first time pairing an affordable shoe with an outfit that probably fetches quadruple digits. The twin is a master of high-low, and typically focuses on an easy breezy shoe. In the past, Mary-Kate has worn humble slip-on Vans, plain flip-flops, and Birkenstock sandals—as has her sister Ashley. What better way to stylishly bring an outfit down to earth?

This article first appeared on Vogue.

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