Sarah Jessica Parker Is Cheating On Her Baguette Bag

Sarah Jessica Parker and the Fendi Baguette have a long history together. The bag was present in many of her character Carrie Bradshaw’s most significant Sex and the City moments—she was memorably mugged for it in season three, when she informed the thief that this was no ordinary bag, but “a Baguette.” The link was cemented when Parker designed two of her own Baguettes to mark the cult style’s 25th anniversary.

Carrie Bradshaw wears a sequin Fendi baguette bag in And Just Like That.

Jason Howard/Bauer-Griffin

Sarah Jessica Parker has an impressive collection of Fendi Baguettes to rival that of her character (who recently rewore a purple sequined version in Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That…). Her love of a rectangular sparkly bag isn’t just limited to one style, however, as this month SJP has been carrying a ’90s-style crystal-encrusted shoulder bag by the Italian brand Benedetta Bruzziches.

Sarah Jessica Parker with the Benedetta Bruzziches shoulder bag.

Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Images

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