Dakota Johnson Just Gave Her Sheer Summer Dress the Perfect Fall Update

Ultimately, when we talk about Dakota Johnson, we think of her successful career in the film industry. However, we also have to mention her impeccable style, which has become a hallmark for the actor, model, and businesswoman—including her classic yet timeless haircut featuring long auburn tresses with caramel highlights and matching bangs.

So, when images of her character in the independent film Daddio, directed and written by Christy Hall and costarring Sean Penn, showed her with a blonde bob, we thought for a moment that it would be the end of her signature look. However, that was not the case, as the performer utilized the stylistic magic of a wig to give life to the woman who, according to the synopsis of the film, will get into a cab and establish a visceral and deep conversation with the driver (played by Penn).

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