Hot Topic enters the metaverse on Roblox

Hot Topic enters the metaverse on Roblox

Hot Topic

Hot Topic enters the Metaverse on Roblox. – Hot Topic

The omni-channel merchandise destination for entertainment and music fans has launched a collection of Halloween-inspired virtual items on the global platform. 

Dubbed the ‘Halloween Forever Collection’, the collection includes exclusive avatar offerings and virtual extensions of IRL (in real life) clothing items. In particular, it features ten exclusive Halloween-themed Hot Topic designs that are synonymous with the Hot Topic brand, including cosplay hats, die-cut sunglasses, figural mini-backpacks and more.

To bring these existing IRL Halloween designs to life digitally, the retailer partnered with several high-profile Roblox designers. These items are all new, and have been created specifically for Roblox, while the black and orange sweater and beanie with the 90s throwback Hot Topic logo will be available for purchase in the physical world, in-store and online.

Additionally, fans can visit three pop-up shops located across popular experiences in Roblox like The Floor is Lava!, Speed Run 4, and Catalog Outfit Creator. Users can buy avatar items directly from these virtual shopping destinations, which highlights the campaign. 

For its inaugural entry into the metaverse, Hot Topic tapped Super League Gaming, a global leader in metaverse gaming and experiences, to bring these looks to life. 

“We’re very excited to launch our Roblox integration,” said Andrea Lewis, vice president of marketing for Hot Topic. “This partnership will allow Hot Topic to create an experience that exemplifies our brand in the metaverse. Dropping this Halloween merch in the Roblox avatar shop while simultaneously offering physical replications of key items online and in Hot Topic stores is a dream scenario to satisfy Hot Topic fandom both in the Roblox ecosystem and IRL.”

“It was important to choose the right time to launch Hot Topic on Roblox, and Halloween is so important to our customer, we felt like this was a perfect fit,” added Ed LaBay, senior vice president of merchandise and marketing for Hot Topic. “Giving our existing customers and Roblox fans a chance to express themselves in core Hot Topic Halloween fashion is a great first step for us in the virtual world.”

Since its launch on October 3, the campaign has reached more than 1 million players. The Hot Topic pop-up shop, which is integrated into three games, has reached more than 900k players, with content engagement totaling more than 1.2 years of playtime.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, the company operates a digital commerce platform as well as 800 Hot Topic and BoxLunch stores.

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