Hailey Bieber Celebrated 26 in a Top That’s Half Sheer Lace Bra, Half Sequins

Hailey Bieber’s November 22 birthday just so happens to fall on the first day of Sagittarius season, meaning her latest look ushers in not just a new year of life (she’s now 26) but a new astrological moment. Specifically, all the lace, glitter, and sequins Sag season entails. 

The Rhode skin care founder and her husband, Justin Bieber, celebrated the big 2-6 in Tokyo, where Hailey had plenty of opportunities to showcase a winter party wardrobe. The standout look, however, was a top that was part lace bra, part gold sequined tube top, which Hailey wore while singing karaoke—a classic Tokyo activity.

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