Margot Robbie Looks Like a Modern Princess Diana in a Blue Polka-Dot Dress

Promoting her new movie Amsterdam on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Margot Robbie wore a cerulean (insert Devil Wears Prada scene here) polka-dot dress with a white collar by Alessandra Rich that’s a throwback in the most royal way.

Raymond Hall

The puff around the shoulders, the micro-dots, the gold buttons, the fake pockets, the white lapel…the white lapel! The low-cut cleavage-baring neckline is very 2022, but with a few small adjustments and a slightly rounder shoe you get:

Princess Diana in 1989Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

And sure, Robbie is sitting down with Fallon to talk about a movie, and Diana was sitting down with Anwar Hussein to talk about, presumably, a different movie, but still! And I know, I know, people make Diana comparisons at the drop of a fascinator (that’s royal for hat), but blue with polka dots is, like, a thing with the women who marry into the Windsor line. Here’s Di in the maternity version of this ’fit:

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