Viola Davis’s Latest Fashion Move Is Straight Out of Michelle Obama’s Playbook

There’s a special meaning behind the earrings that Viola Davis wore at the premiere of her new show, The First Lady, on April 14. Davis, who plays former first lady Michelle Obama in the series, was styled by Elizabeth Stewart, who shared on her Instagram that the jewelry choice was about more than simply looking good.

Designed by fine jeweler Satta Matturi, the earrings feature a cluster of diamonds set in yellow gold that fans out like the branches on a tree. Stewart confirmed that the earrings were made specifically for the Academy Award–winning actor, using De Beers diamonds that were ethically and sustainably sourced in Botswana. 

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The jewels were chosen as part of a project created by the De Beers Group and RAD (Red Carpet Advocacy) to uplift and highlight Black creatives and voices. According to the campaign page, the #BlackIsBrilliant project sets out to “help level the playing field within the jewelry industry by providing deserved exposure to Black designers, as part of our Building Forever commitment to accelerating equal opportunity and ensuring that every diamond we discover creates a lasting positive impact.”


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